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04/12/2014 Canada, ON, Canada

  • 21.2km
  • 1:46:40
    Moving Time
  • 5:01/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,179


  1. Dusan Mataruga

    This is my third HM, and I still have not learned how to run them. This time I was much too optimistic and started faster than I should have. Constant up and down hills drained all I had. The issue was not my legs, but my lungs. Last 5-6km I had to take walking breaks on uphills. Anyway, I have some splits to analyze for next time.

  2. Dave W Rutherford

    A little sufferfest on the back end of the race. That's tough. Well, yes, more data on your current fitness level number crunching for training. Hilly half vs flat 10K.

  3. Dusan Mataruga

    Sufferfest, new word for me. :)
    Yep, I was thinking about Endurrun all the time. I have some running to do.

  4. Dave W Rutherford

    Join me and VZ in the 8K and Waterloo Half back to back in two weeks. Good prep.

  5. Dusan Mataruga

    I am running the 8K for sure. I did not plan to run the half, but now when you mentioned it, I will think about that. If my wife does not have any plans, I might join you. Watch your AT tonight.

  6. Dave B.

    Halves can be tough. Being just on the quick side of your lactate threshold pace, which will be around your 15k or Ten Mile race pace, when you are trying to pace just on the slow side of it for a half, will lead to a slow down like you saw. You'll get it next time.