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Mineral King!

  • 49.1mi
  • 8,278ft
  • 4:39:19
    Moving Time
  • 2,874


  1. Jimmy Panther

    oh my god.

  2. Mike R.

    any marmots?

  3. Ryan Wilson

    ^ it's funny, I actually had a small oh shit moment when I was "hiking" out past the trailhead about a half mile or so. I realized I left my bike there and they'd probably love to just destroy those tires. Combined with the road being gated off 16 miles back, and totally deserted basically from the bottom... That would have been a long walk back to civilization.

  4. John Watson

    so good!

  5. Justin M.

    nice work. Did you use a road or MTB?

  6. Ryan Wilson

    Both times I've done this on a road bike with 23's.  28's or 25's would be ideal (if they fit my frame), but knobbies would be probably be overkill.  It gets a bit sandy in one of the dirt sections, but most of the road is just really shitty pavement.

  7. Ryan Wilson

    Oh never mind JM, you've done this before!  Ha!

  8. Justin M.

    ha, yes I have. I did it on an old hard-tail MTB so next time I want to try it on my road bike. Hopefully sometime this spring or summer. Kind of sad that you were able to make it to the top at this time of year, usually it's snowed in. Great job!

  9. Ryan Wilson

    Yeah, there was still quite a bit of snow starting a little before Silver City, but not as much as there should be. The last 5 miles or so there were probably 7 or 8 sections I had to walk through, but they were relatively short.

  10. Jimmy Panther

    love the redwood pic with the bike. you really know how to make us midwesterners jealous.

  11. Toulo Vang

    Hi Ryan. I'm thinking of climbing this, this weekend. I'm wondering if there is any water stops along the way and how water bottles will be sufficient thus time of the year. Thanks.

  12. Ryan Wilson

    Hi Toulo, there is only one water stop and it's roughly 21 miles up the road (A store with a gas pump outside on the left).  When I did it the first time (in the summer), I definitely needed a 3rd bottle.  Have fun, it's one of my favorites.

  13. Toulo Vang

    Thanks Ryan!