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  • 26.7mi
  • 3:32:21
    Moving Time
  • 7:57/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 4,358


  1. Andy H.
    Andy H.

    What a storming time Pete- congratulations!
    How much have you raised?

  2. Simon F.
    Simon F.

    Blown away. Cracking time. Marvellous effort. Now relax and recover fir the big event next Monday.

  3. Simon S.
    Simon Smith

    Fantastic, so fast. Well done hope you enjoyed the atmosphere. It great on TV!

  4. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Last mile was the most painful experience of my life! Still, now enjoying a beer on strava :-D

  5. Kevin H.
    Kevin Harrin

    outstanding mate. couldn't be happier for you.

  6. Pat S.
    Pat Smith

    Well done Pete you must feel so proud

  7. John D.
    John D.

    Well done Pete great effort!!! :)

  8. Trevor P.
    Trevor P.

    Cracking mate!

  9. Brendon K.
    Brendon K

    Great time mate!!

  10. Steve M.
    Steve Marks

    Congratulations Pete!

  11. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Thanks folks - worked hard to try and claw back those 2 mins, but with gps signal lost in the tunnels, I had no idea what I'd lost. Certainly had nothing left for a sprint finish!

  12. Nicola H.
    Nicola H.

    Wow wow wow!! what an amazing time! well done

  13. Neil C.
    Neil Coates

    You're a machine!

  14. Phill J.
    Phill J.

    Fantastic effort mate, outstanding time! Well done, enjoy the beer on strava!

  15. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Right then. 3 days to recover then it's interval sessions to prepare for the TT!

  16. Pete M.
    Pete M.

    Well done

  17. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Andy - i reckon it's somewhere north of £800 :-D

  18. Andy H.
    Andy H.

    That's superb Pete - respect!!!
    See you Monday

  19. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Yes! Looking forward to getting back on the bike, I've really got some catching up to do!

  20. Jay  L.
    Jay L.

    3:32?!?!?!? Oooh, there must have been some suffering.

  21. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    There was! Ohhhh yes.... :-P

  22. Rich P.
    Rich Pryor

    Pete - astonishing mate :-)

  23. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    What was Olly's time Rich? Did he have a good race?

  24. Rich P.
    Rich Pryor

    Ollie was 4.01, his words, it was the hardest thing he has ever done in his life! Amazing effort :-)

  25. Rich P.
    Rich Pryor

    Not bad given he only started running in January

  26. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    I understand what he means, and that's a superb time! Please pass on my congratulations :-D

  27. Rich P.
    Rich Pryor

    I will thanks Pete, having seen the amazing efforts everyone put in today, all abilities, I'm really going to have to take my 1st marathon training seriously, I now know a marathon is serious shit!! :-D

  28. Paul "Ghost Rider" C.
    Paul "GhostRider" Catling

    Fantastic, well done Pete :)

  29. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Thanks Paul :-D

  30. Dave M.
    Dave M

    Outstanding! Well done

  31. Pete G.
    Pete G.

    Cheers Dave!