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Kepler Challenge, 3rd place

  • 58.7km
  • 1,987m
  • 5:09:26
    Moving Time
  • 5:18/km
    Avg Pace
  • 6,192


  1. Scott McDonald

    Congrats man! So close to 2nd place too

  2. Tim Hitchcock

    Well paced racing. Huge effort!

  3. Andrew Hill


  4. Jack Moody

    Legend. Congrats Gene.

  5. peter swanson

    Nice one gene!

  6. Allan Janes

    Huge result. Well done.

  7. Carl Fischer

    If your strava account is a complete record of your training this is mean result for a minimal amount (by volume) of training! That's the dream right there.

  8. Gene Beveridge

    Yes, complete record on Strava. My training is on the conservative side to minimise injuries and improve consistency. I manage my training loads and progression rates very tightly. I also do a lot of racing over the course of a year which reduces the duration for the same load. =) All going to plan, I should be able to demonstrate my continued smooth increase up to Tarawera in February. Next week's load will have be equivalent to 11 hours of steady running.

  9. Andrew Hill

    What distance u doing at Tarawera? 100?

  10. Gene Beveridge

    I'll be racing the 60km at Tarawera