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How NOT to run a marathon! VLM 2014

  • 26.7mi
  • 3:37:23
    Moving Time
  • 8:20/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 3,448


  1. Nick Wood

    Blimey, you set off at a hell of a pace!

  2. Carolyn Flores

    Maybe it didn't go quite as planned, but great job!!!!! Not everyone is capable of running a marathon. Hell I'm not even capable of running 2 miles at your marathon pace. Plus you PRed your marathon distance so it can't be all that bad, right? :)

  3. Vince Killin

    Don't beat yourself up, you did great.

  4. Alison Macarthy

    I can only dream of such a time. Well done!

  5. John Clarke

    Thanks guys. I'll be over it tomorrow. Ha. Appreciate the support.

  6. Fiona M.

    Gosh that was a super fast start. Will there be a blog post with more deets? It was a pr right?

  7. John Clarke

    There sure will be Fiona. Tomorrow. It was a 12 minute PR but a horrible way to run a race.

  8. Clare Bartlett

    A PR is a PR so well done, you did great!

  9. Sally S.

    Awesome job and great time. Only 5% of people do a positive split so most peoples split times will look similar.

  10. Pete T.

    Good job John. I ran some awfully slow miles 18 - 25 last week. Impressive pace never the less mate. Well done.

  11. Tim Caldwell

    Congrats on your PR,.even if you didn't quite execute it as well as you'd have liked. As you said, a learning experience. I'm sure you'll tear up your next marathon John! Where can I find.your blog? :)

  12. John Clarke

    Mirunninglife.tumblr.com. Cheers Tim. There will be an update on there tomorrow. Just need to go back over it in my head.

  13. Surg H.

    Congrats on a marathon!

  14. Steve Tizard

    I can't run two miles at a consistent speed let alone 26! Well done :)

  15. Jason C.

    Well done mate. A solid effort. Shame you missed some vital training in the last few weeks with the colds, etc. next time. There's a much better time in you of that I'm positive.

  16. Alyssa B.

    Great job out there John! (don't be so hard on yourself!)

  17. J M.

    You'll bounce back, am sure of it

  18. Ken Murray

    be good to compare notes. My race began to dissolve at mile 9 when I began to have muscle spasms followed by cramp.

  19. Steven Garden

    Good effort John. I saw you at 23-24 miles or so and although you had slowed your gait was still strong. You built good strong legs I reckon. I think a huge part of the allure of the marathon is that it can throw so many wild cards at you. I reckon that time still puts you at about the top 20-25% of male marathoners!

  20. ashley smith

    WoW don't think there's anything to be sad about.... Pretty impressive times from where I'm sitting - max respect to you. :-)

  21. Fiona M.

    My personal opinion is that the air quality in and around London is terrible at the moment, so many people I know who ran London ran well outside their projected time.

  22. Sandrine B.

    Superb! I'd love to be able to run my marathons like that!!! Oh but hang on... No I wouldn't have time to look at the touristy bits lol ;-) Well done!

  23. Laura Rispoli

    Congrats John. Sounds like the weather got in the way towards the end. Still s very impressive time. Amazing stuff :))

  24. John Clarke

    Thanks guys. Just got my pacing wrong at the start which meant I hit mile 20 completely spent. Nothing left in the tank for the final 6. School boy error.

  25. Andy Waterman

    Interview's up on the Strava blog now http://blog.strava.com/the-runners-of-london-7536/

  26. John Clarke

    Cheers Andy! Get reading peeps.

  27. Maria G.

    Are mile splits are almost identical!

  28. Maria G.

    Are = our! Just going to bed after a night shift - lost my sense of literacy!

  29. John Clarke

    In this mobile age I read it right the first time given the context of the comment :-) it was a hard race.