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Taking in the sights around Coffs Harbour before I head off for Burleigh Heads. Not a bad place to ride

Ride December 4, 2017
  • 71.6km
  • 954m
  • 2:49:13
    Moving Time
  • 2,118
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  1. colin rourke

    Must be fairly hilly Bade 954 VM in 71.6 ks

  2. Rick Wilson

    Hi Bade it a shame zeno and I didn't no you was in town would have been good to catch up

  3. Bade Stapleton www.connectsport.com.au

    Yep, found a few lumps Col. Sorry Rick, forgot you guys lived there. Will be back end of Jan. Will let you know and hopefully you’ll be in town.

  4. Rick Wilson

    No worries mate have a safe trip north

  5. Glenda Signorini

    Nice work Bade