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Zwift-easy spin watching Lance, Phil & Paul. Surreal

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  1. Warren M.

    What were you watching?

  2. Brendan Gorman

    2003 TDF

  3. Warren M.

    I’ve got that kicking around somewhere too

  4. Brendan Gorman

    I got 99, 00, 01, & 03. I lent others out but forgot who to. Never lend out videos lol

  5. Brendan Gorman

    I wonder if Phil & Paul ever watch them? They would cringe at all the times they use the word unbelievable and other such words

  6. Mark Boyle

    Do you find it hard to watch Lance now? I think it would bug me to go back and watch him race now. It was much more fun when I was blissfully ignorant.

  7. Warren M.

    They were all doped to the gills then so it doesn’t really matter other than the fact no one really cares that much now except maybe him?

  8. Mark Boyle

    Yeah, my position isn't exactly based on logic. I can watch something like, say this year's Tour, knowing full well that there's a very good chance the winner is cheating (and Lance was certainly not a shock), but once I know that for a fact, I think I'd have a tough time watching again.

  9. Brendan Gorman

    Personally I find it fascinating to watch Lance's Tours all over again knowing the truth

  10. Brendan Gorman

    I know all the top guys dope, the speeds are still too high, but I just love cycling too much to stop caring lol.

  11. Mark Boyle

    Shh... let me pretend otherwise:)

  12. Warren M.

    Listen bud, Mike Woods is a top guy and he is absolutely legit, no question. Freak of nature. Super gifted athlete.

  13. Brendan Gorman

    I'm not going to get into it about a specific rider cause that would be dumb. What I was telling my friend Mark is that I believe that the majority of those riders that WIN the worlds premiere bicycle races are doped. You don't have to agree.

  14. Mark Boyle

    Brendan, I tend to agree. I think that's true for pretty much every mainstream sport. The effects of doping (or whatever p/e drug is used in a given sport) are just too decisive. But I seem to be able to ignore this/not care right up until I'm presented with hard evidence. Then it bugs me. Doesn't really make sense when I think about it, but that's the way I am.

  15. Brendan Gorman

    I think it would bug me more if I was affected in a more personal way. If by some miracle I had ever gone Pro in the 90's I would have been upset at the hard choices others had to make then and now. As a low level racer in Canada I feel I don't have to worry about whether the people I race against are doped.