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1 Week From Today -- Marathon Pace Feels Good

  • 5.1mi
  • 36:48
    Moving Time
  • 7:10/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 670


  1. Robert H.
    Robert Hunt

    Wash hands often, stay off ladders, & put away those high heels!

  2. Gregory W.
    Gregory Wagner

    definitely put away those high heels

  3. Alex N.
    Alex Nichols

    What is the goal?

  4. Andrew W.
    Andrew Wagner

    I don't want to get the pump bump

  5. Andrew W.
    Andrew Wagner

    goal is 2:28 - 2:34 -- however I'm in wave 4/4 (corral 1 front of the wave) due to not having a qual time heading into the race. The main variable will be how crowded the course is -- if it's not to crowded I should be good for right around 2:30

  6. Alex N.
    Alex Nichols

    Sounds good. Maybe a slowing start will be smart

  7. Andrew W.
    Andrew Wagner

    a blessing is disguise -- I won't get sucked out too fast that's for sure~!!!!!!