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Beautiful day in Miami 🏙😃

  • 23.2mi
  • 118ft
  • 1:43:52
    Moving Time
  • 1,620


  1. Diane T.

    Great ride 😉 and lovely pic's 😉

  2. DANIEL .

    Thank you Diane😀

  3. Viviane Vanderwal

    Nice pictures😊

  4. Ralf Born

    Your shots made my day, mate 😊

  5. Lorraine Jamieson

    Wow what a great photo

  6. Lígia Santos

    It's freezing cold up here!! ❄❄❄ 😁

  7. Roberto Gomez


  8. Louise M.

    U just make people here in the UK jealous haha

  9. Yurik Sz

    Good pictures Daniel 👍awesome place!!

  10. DANIEL .

    Thank you guys thank you 😀☺ It's 83F🌡28C🌡 today.

  11. iosmay diaz

    How do you take those pictures? Some plugins or something?

  12. Sabina Patel

    Wowww. So beautiful pic...well done ✅ ride 👌👌👌👌Have a nice 👍🏻 day 👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Rs Cardoso


  14. Mauricio Gonzalez

    Buenos días Dios te bendiga

  15. DANIEL .

    Hi iosmay diaz I use a vignette I change , contrast and saturation to make the photo pop. Making the photos looking more vibrant. Thank you guys 😀☺🤗 Muchas Gracias Mauricio Gonzalez ☺ Amen🙏

  16. iosmay diaz

    That’s awesome thanks I’ll check it.

  17. Cesar Raeder Auar

    Belo percurso

  18. Sajad Khaleghi ♆

    Daniel 👑👑👑👑👑☺☺☺

  19. Humberto Gil Brito

    Com uma visita dessas qualquer pedal fica fácil Daniel

  20. Francilberto Fortunato

    Bom trabalho Daniel

  21. Gary Robson

    Great ride - love Miami

  22. Remy Froissart

    Nice pic and good job for PR. Well done Daniel :-). I'm jalous ;-p

  23. Otoniel Gomez

    You are the best...

  24. Montse Barjuan

    I love your pictures!! Wwwoooww

  25. Paul Brunnen

    Beautiful pictures Daniel!

  26. DANIEL .

    Obrigado pessoal e muito bom pedalar aqui eu recomendo☺👍 Thank you guys 👍I'm glad you guys liked the photos. It makes me happy 😃

  27. Colin Clarke

    Love Miami. Take a run down Flagler st for me.

  28. Nayara Medeiros


  29. yuliandari rahmawati

    Wow I hope someday,I will be there

  30. Cathy Craft

    So beautiful

  31. Ben Flores


  32. Akihiko Ohara🇯🇵

    Like a heaven

  33. Carolyn Dedes

    So Daniel you don’t use an iPhone to take the pics!! They certainly do Pop that sky line is magnificent great ride by the way as well👍🏻🇦🇺

  34. Sergio Paccosi


  35. Bharat Gaikwad


  36. Christophe Sarrazin

    Always the sun 👍

  37. Dipesh S


  38. Kamitani ibuki

    Beautiful!ฅ(º ロ º ฅ)

  39. Brigida Sanchez

    Wow gorgeous photos! I@miss Miami so much!

  40. Mickaël Requet

    C est très beau mais il n y a vraiment pas beaucoup de dénivelé 😎

  41. Amy Craft

    How did you manage that picture? The streets of Miami empty!? Great ride Daniel! 😄

  42. Fred Bailey

    The people living or working in those buildings sure have a great view

  43. DANIEL .

    Thank you guys ☺😀 Mickaël Requet C'est très plat ici. C'est la Floride, il n'y a pas de montagnes😐 Hi Amy Craft Amy I took the photo when the bridge was closing. So a boat 🛳could pass.Fred Bailey for sure 😃😎 once again thank u guys☺

  44. Jack DeLar

    Daniel, good ride and great pic as always.....👍😆🚴‍♂️... snd congratulations for the Strava posting of you! Well deserved. Your positive attitude and friendly demeanor is so contagious..... keep it up👍😊😃😃😀😄😁😆