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Morning Ride

  • 4.9km
  • 74m
  • 19:27
    Moving Time


  1. Jake B.

    Hello there, fellow biker. I'm asking for your help. My name is Jake, I have my very own youtube channel, and i'm trying to reach 500 subscribers before Christmas. This is a huge goal and it would really mean something to me. I love mountain biking different trails with my buddy's. I live in northern utah too. All i'm asking is If you could take the time out of your day to go subscribe to my channel- or even just check it out. It would really mean something to me. Here's a link to my channel:


    Look, I will admit. This is copy and pasted, but I'm a real person. Not a robot, not some computer. I'm actually doing this all myself.
    Keep shreddin', have a nice day, and please consider this because it would mean a lot to me.