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KW ride to Arundel

  • 162.9km
  • 2,062m
  • 6:33:22
    Moving Time
  • 3,776


  1. Javier Arias Gonzalez

    Finally a ride to Arundel. Pretty much all year trying to do this ride and every time it was proposed a hurricane, a storm or something similar would force us to change plans. It was worth the wait, this is a great route (clearly designed by a climber), today was a nice sunny day (cold, but sunny) and it has a great coffee stop (nice food and nice owners that make you feel welcome). Add to all this great company and there you have a great cycling day. Feeling a bit tired though.

  2. Javier Arias Gonzalez

    Show some manners unknown cyclist
    A short history from today's ride.

  3. Richard H.

    :) Great riding Javier. I like this rule too. Pass with no 'hi' and be prepared to be attacked!

  4. T-Y Hsia

    Ha! I remember this rule, Javier. Do you recall one time you and I were coming back from a long ride and closing on the Walton roundabouts? This guy just past us, and we gave chase and kicked his ass around the last corner. Gotta love this rule!

  5. Marc H.

    Ha just read you blog Javier, excellent wish I could have been there to witness it. Could imagine if someone did that to us just after a coffee stop and 10 of us did that, lol.