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Exeter Cycles Wednesday Night WAAAHOOOO!

  • 36.7mi
  • 961ft
  • 1:40:05
    Moving Time
  • 1,819


  1. Sergio P.

    Welcome Home !

  2. John Maniquis

    Bummed that TOC doesn't touch SF this year, always a pleasure making a coffee for you when you swing by Rapha.

  3. Ted King

    Subtitle: it is Cold in New England.

  4. Patrick H.

    Nice Ride!! What a temp change over the last few days, I just got back from vermont sun in middlebury vt. and it was spitting snow!!!

  5. Dennis Davidson

    Good to see you are back at the TDF

  6. Adam McCall

    I thought it was cold in Arkansas....

  7. Mike Shields

    Is everyone in Exeter as fast as you or did you just tow the group for a nice light training ride?

  8. Strava A.

    Exeter, Massachusetts.. Not. Exeter, Devon :( Any time your doing the Tour of Britain Ted? Feel free to drop in for a spin ;)

  9. Ford Murphy

    Don't know how long you're around for but ECCC Easterns are in 10 days in Providence...and they have P/1/2/3 races

  10. Rick M

    Sugar Loaf still open?

  11. Matt Moore

    That would be Exeter, NH. Home of the Blue Hawks and some little prep school just down the road :) Ted, I grew up in Stratham and went to EAHS. Great to see a local riding the Tour. Can't wait for July!

  12. Nicholas K.

    Sad I couldn't make the first Wed night ride. Looks like the pace was friendly.

  13. Paul C.

    Pah...you need to join me at the REAL Exeter and ride the Good Friday TT over Dartmoor. The uphills will be fine but this will be won on the descents over the damp roads under the trees....

  14. Not So Slim Shady A.