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Freshwater Creek Loop

Ride December 12, 2017
  • 20.4km
  • 147m
  • 1:17:44
    Moving Time
  • 711
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  1. Graham Ramsay

    How many ways can we make use of the rail trail is the challenge. Nice along that creek ride. Some shade from the sun.

  2. Neil Ennis

    The paperbarks are pretty good too. Incidentally, if you go down the end of Bickle Rd near John Oxley Reserve and ride on the grass a while, and then head west, you can ride into the APM site without having to go over any gates or dispbey any signs.

  3. Graham Ramsay

    I'll try that next time. When the uni finished there'll be all that parkland to ride thru too. I tried that trail from near the community centre out around the sand mining lakes nice. You ride thru the drainage pipes in the park. Yu would come out at the tile display centre towards the sand mining. There a gravel road and lots of tree replanting going on. Keep you off the road too.