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Tempo fail...planned a 10k tempo, stitch put paid to that at 7km, stopped at 8km...

  • 8.1km
  • 30:17
    Moving Time
  • 3:42/km
    Avg Pace
  • 706


  1. Sarah S.

    Happens sometimes. I was sufficiently tired I ditched my planned morning interval session for something I felt more able to complete. Initially frustrating, but I actually felt better for doing what I decided to do well than killing myself with 1km reps which would have been slow enough to have been a waste of time most likely.

    Btw, I once, no, twice actually, ran a mile at your tempo pace. I'm pretty certain at least one of those was downhill and the other took several days to recover from! :D

  2. Tim Caldwell

    Thanks Sarah...I’m glad I took it out to half an hour instead of stopping at 7km. It wasn’t like I quit the run cos I didn’t fancy it. You’re right we sometimes need to make tough decisions, to ensure we look after ourselves and are realistic at what we can achieve...I did start out a bit fast! Still learning!!

  3. Barefoot Teresa

    Still an amazing run, Tim. Good job!

  4. Tim Caldwell

    Thanks Teresa!

  5. Mario Rocchelli (LERC)

    Was it icy? as well? can't win all the time!