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Dave Hoch

San Francisco, California
  • 157
  • 1,176.2
    miles Run
  • 392

3rd street bridge stays up until January 26th

Run December 14, 2017
  • 8.6mi
  • 1:02:38
    Moving Time
  • 7:13/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,309
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  1. Seth LaReau

    "What if I told you that HHP wasn't just a park, but a way of life? That a desolate stretch of land could ignite the most fierce competition SoMa has ever seen? That no one can outrun their destiny? ESPN's 30 for 30. Presented by Levi's."

  2. Jason van der Merwe

    😂 Seth LaReau

  3. Alex Macintosh

    *Presented by Bode Cement Ltd

  4. Seth Bindernagel

    shi- is gettin' real

  5. Raena Sumiyoshi

    We also learned this this morning - had to re-route TwTG although we considered swimming across first...

  6. Iain Macdonald

    wow, double credit on hhpcounter.com,
    conspiracy! (http://hhpcounter.com/details/5702397/12865893)

  7. Iain Macdonald

    "the battle for HHP is the most interesting thing on Strava these days"

  8. Drew Robb

    Seems like a hhpcounter.com implementation bug

  9. Iain Macdonald

    Looks like this run matched HHP with two segment IDs: 32516185631 and 32516926979 possibly because of delete and reupload, or crop??

  10. Dave Hoch

    pretty sure you can reproduce this by editing the activity (title, description, add photo) on web. thus cheating and invalidating hhpcounter.com !

  11. Dave Hoch

    the bot is one true source of truth

  12. Pete 🚢 Kruse

    There's a HHP bot?

  13. Daniel Aminzade

    Need to fix this P0 vulnerability in hhpcounter.com. What were you doing here, just changing activity details?

  14. Drew Robb

    What are you guys doing here, using sqlite instead of spanner?

  15. Daniel Aminzade

    ooh sick burn