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60min. 6 x 2min @300w

Virtual Ride
  • 35.3km
  • 148m
  • 1:00:16
    Moving Time
  • 781


  1. Andy S.

    Ouch. That looks nasty

  2. Andrew (The Snail) Allsop

    Ha trying to build mate . Next week will be 4 x 3mins . How you getting on ?

  3. Andy S.

    Good, just started to Zwift. It’s good training, getting used to it. Signed up for Aple D’Huez Tri next year

  4. Andy S.

    Ha, needed a challenge after IM. You got any races?

  5. Andrew (The Snail) Allsop

    The one im aiming for is the north to south lakes runnning race off road 80km

  6. Andy S.

    Ooh, tasty. You doing that with Paul?

  7. Andrew (The Snail) Allsop

    No think im solo on that one . Just gonna drop to 75kg then start putting the mileage in

  8. Andy S.

    Cool. I’ll need to do some Hill training in the peaks at some stage. Up for that?

  9. Andrew (The Snail) Allsop

    Yes mate I know a few to get your heart racing . !

  10. Andy S.

    👍👊 nice one