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Tim Sutton

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 235
    Activities in 2018
  • 2,673.1
    kilometers Run in 2018
  • 287

Tararua 1500's non-stop, Solo/unsupported FKT

Run December 16, 2017
  • 109.7km
  • 7,808m
  • 16:06:16
    Moving Time
  • 15:23/km
    Avg Pace
  • 12,710
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  1. Martin Raudnic
    Martin Raudnic

    😳 inspirational stuff

  2. Tim Sutton
    Tim Sutton

    Martin Raudnic thanks mate, always love seeing your Tararua adventures pop up in my feed.

  3. Tom P.
    Tom P.

    Looks incredible, great work Tim! Did you enjoy it?

  4. Michael Baughen
    Michael Baughen

    Thats amazing!
    But whyy... :P

  5. Dave Leppard
    Dave Leppard


  6. Andy G.
    Andy G.

    Can’t find the triple kudos button! MASSIVE bro

  7. Nic Ayson
    Nic Ayson

    I can't wait to read all about it (all in good time of course). Epic achievement Tim!!

  8. Sarah Higgins
    Sarah Higgins

    Amazing Tim. Just amazing.

  9. Craig Blacklock
    Craig Blacklock

    Words fail me!

  10. Andrew McDowall
    Andrew McDowall

    Hell yeah man. Love it!!!

  11. Derek Mc Goldrick
    Derek Mc Goldrick

    Awesome man!!

  12. Dan Hunt
    Dan Hunt

    Well done Timmy you crazy idiot.

  13. Kunaal Rajpal
    Kunaal Rajpal


  14. Matapuku Robati
    Matapuku Robati


  15. Brent R.
    Brent R.

    Congrats Tim Sutton what a stud muffin!

  16. Shane C.
    Shane C.

    Well done. Monster effort!

  17. Sam B.
    Sam B.

    Outstanding! Well done

  18. Seanoa Isaac
    Seanoa Isaac

    BIG TICKER! Very very special achievement. Take the rest of the year off mate 🍻👍🏼

  19. Kev Fink
    Kev Fink

    Incredible, you've clocked the Tararuas

  20. Ali P.
    Ali P.

    That's a monster. Massive high five to you on getting it done. Looking forward to reading all about it :) Rest up and enjoy the recovery.

  21. Simon Maister
    Simon Maister

    Incredible stuff! Ah no surprise it's solo who else can keep up with that?! 💪

  22. David Nielsen
    David Nielsen

    Amazing effort. Well done

  23. Greg Clarke
    Greg Clarke

    Special achievement bro!! So impressed!! Beyond elated for you to get this well earned trophy!! I’m genuinely worried to think about what comes next!!

  24. Thom Charles
    Thom Charles

    BEEEEAAAAST! That is so impressive Tim! I'd happily retire after that, but something tells me I don't think you are quite done yet.

  25. Karl Yager
    Karl Yager

    That's a friggen top effort Tim! Congratulations!!!

  26. tim pickering
    tim pickering

    Greeeeat run !!! Awesome !

  27. Tom Hunt
    Tom Hunt

    You sir are a gentleman & a scholar

  28. David Hodge
    David Hodge

    that is absolutely amazing

  29. Tim Sutton
    Tim Sutton

    Thank you so much everyone!!! Well that was by far the hardest thing I have ever done... ...but also the most rewarding. A warm beer has never tasted so good. Man we live in a magic little part of the world. Thanks again! Write up to come :)

  30. Luke Watson
    Luke Watson

    Wow congratulations mr

  31. Tim Sutton
    Tim Sutton

    Cheers Luke!


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