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Geelong-Aireys Inlet. Jetlagged but enjoying the Great Ocean Road!

Ride January 4, 2018
  • 56.6km
  • 505m
  • 2:21:00
    Moving Time
  • 1,616
  • 19
    Relative Effort
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  1. Maickel Sweekhorst

    Welcome to Australia, I hope to see you win a stage at the TDU in less than 2 weeks

  2. Tommy Sheehy

    All the best from Ireland

  3. Karim B.

    Lucky guys! In europe we re under the storm !

  4. Marcel R.

    Beautiful place

  5. Don Williams

    Welcome to Aus!

  6. Steven Richards

    Have fun mate, its a great part of Australia for training.

  7. Dino Pinto

    Beautiful bike

  8. Dave Morris

    Welcome to the land down under - all the very best for the TDU.

  9. neal heffernan

    Welcome to Australia! I have a feeling you’re going to do well this TDU!

  10. Matteo Mascotto

    Amazing places and amazing bike!!

  11. Hector Albertos

    Better jet lagged than with a frozen ass!!!!! Enjoy your training & best regards from Europe.

  12. Matt Bubner

    Welcome to Australia! See you guys in Adelaide next week! Looking forward to it!

  13. Matt Bubner

    Eric ...

  14. Sam N.

    Welcome to Australia! Looking forward to watching you at the TDU.

  15. John de WILD

    Robert jaloers op het weer bij jullie 🤗

  16. Mark Steinbach

    Nina Gundlach Nice bike, nice scenery... to be planned ... 😎👌 🇦🇺

  17. Eric ..

    Matt Bubner let's initiate operation Race#👍

  18. Matt Bubner

    Eric ..., consider operation Race# initiated! 🤔

  19. Alberto Suffritti

    Wow nice pic👍👍

  20. Felipe DelaRosa Martinez

    Great pics..,👍

  21. Richard Mol

    Succes Robert! Hoop dat het een mooi jaar voor je wordt met een paar mooie heroïsche dagen erbij💪🏻🚴🏽‍♀️ veel succes down under!

  22. Rick Shimmel

    My Bianchi won’t balance itself. What am I doing wrong? 🤔 Best of luck in TDU..

  23. Maurizio Rota

    beautiful colours - landscape and bike :)

  24. Ralph Boerboom

    Hoe blijft je fiets rechtop staan op die foto dwars op de weg?

  25. David Ward


  26. Keith C.

    Nice bike

  27. Martin C.

    How The F.... do you Get your bike to stand alone🤘🏿. And.....Dont you puncture alot on those gravel roads?

  28. Norbert Schulte

    Veel success voor de komende weeken in Down Under

  29. D Bunnings Warehouse

    I hope your riding to Adelaide. You'll enjoy it.

  30. Wim Schuurman

    Prachtig daar. Ik was er in november 2016. Succes de komende tijd.

  31. Sander S.

    Geniet er van mannen!

  32. Mark Spry

    That Great Ocean Road Great in a soft top 👍🚙

  33. Andre Steenbergen

    Wat Ralph vroeg. Steen achter de wielen gelegd?

  34. Julian G.

    Almost as nice as Girona! 😎Cracking first pic - bike not bad either .... 😉