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Up a big mtn. Haleakala in January shape is boof.

Ride January 4, 2018
  • 44.0mi
  • 10,136ft
  • 3:44:26
    Moving Time
  • 4,307
  • 209
    Relative Effort
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  1. Joe L.

    Haleakala! Nice!

  2. Dan J.

    At least you PR’d the shit out of that ride ;). And how do you keep your max HR below 160 in January shape?!? Us mere mortals would LOVE to do that ride in that shape and rock HR <160bpm! Keep it up Jesse!

  3. William H.


  4. Marimo B.

    Beautiful weather for a ride up the mountain today! 🌺🌴🐳🍍

  5. Louis Hill Ⓥ

    ... on a Dimond..

  6. Gabriel Eguia

    All those bike tour riders probably didn't understand why you were going up hill!

  7. John G.

    Climbing, off season, yaasss! H from Kihei is hardcore. That ride is a grind, but the views from top are Sweet!

  8. Liam K.

    How cool is that!?! 😊

  9. Steve V.


  10. Bob Ryskamp

    Still pretty quick dude!

  11. Carm G.

    Joan Kuhrmann

  12. Otto R.

    😲awyeah! But where's the descent?

  13. John M.

    You beat Matt Lieto by 11 seconds up the 2 hour climb (separated by almost 2 years). Almost as if you train together...

  14. John M.

    You beat me by 1.5 hours. I guess that is because we no longer train together. :)

  15. Rich Ray

    One of my favorite winter rides.