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200k the hard way

Ride January 7, 2018
  • 201.0km
  • 2,508m
  • 7:45:12
    Moving Time
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  1. Jim Flynn

    top ride, Emma, great to catch up with you again!

  2. Kate B.

    Thanks for everything you’ve helped me with over the past few weeks Emma. I appreciate it so much - have a good flight home x

  3. Peter Duff

    Very nice. Cya at 6inch 😀

  4. Gisi G.

    Nice bumping into you on the Heritage today! Liebe Grüße

  5. Amanda N.

    Safe trip back to Europe Emma. SPR Thursday rides will be poorer without your speed and grace 😉.

  6. Hugo L.

    Guten Flug nach Hause. Willkommen wieder in der Schweiz 👍😘

  7. Emma Pooley

    @Kate don’t think I helped at all, but it was great training with you! Good luck in Adelaide - you’re flying, so enjoy it and enjoy ripping some legs off! ;-)