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Cruising at 300w

Virtual Ride January 7, 2018
  • 40.4km
  • 198m
  • 1:00:13
    Moving Time
  • 1,181
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  1. Marc L.


  2. Brendan Gorman

    Pushing some extra watts out the core!

  3. Kevin V.

    fantastic riding... I hope one day I will have those legs

  4. Brendan Gorman

    Thanks. Wasn't feeling so great last couple days but it could be my severely reduced calorie intake. Not eating very much. I ate too much this fall

  5. Mark Boyle

    Man I wish I had even 3/4 of your power.

  6. Brendan Gorman

    I wish I had 2/3 of Chris Froome's power. I think I'll get myself some asthma meds!

  7. Mark Boyle

    You must be pretty close... I'm sure the asthma meds will put you over the top!