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"much abides" (A. Tennyson)

  • 102.3mi
  • 14:21:29
    Moving Time
  • 15:14/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 17,932


  1. _ Padders


  2. Beau A.

    What was your final time? Nice work Joel!!

  3. Michael Gildea

    Wow, great job. This is an amazing pace to maintain for over 100 miles. Congratulations on a great race. I am considering running this next year. I would love to hear your impression of the race.

  4. JA Pulliam

    Final time was 25:59. Strava on my desktop displays it correctly, but Strava on my iPhone just shows my "moving pace" (which most certainly was not my moving pace).

  5. Beau A.

    What an accomplishment!  Congrats on your first 100 - excellent job.  Your happiness and enthusiasm was infectious.

  6. Eric H.

    Incredible run, Joel. Never ceasing to amaze!

  7. Christopher C.

    Awesome job! Was thinking about running this next year.

  8. Justin Contois

    Ya man, you were giddy at 73 miles, while most were in the pain cave. Great to see you out there!!

  9. Brian Erkkila

    Nice work dude!!!! I regret that I have only one Kudo to give.....

  10. Vladlena Costescu ⚧

    Amazing work!

  11. JA Pulliam

    Michael - this was my first 100, but I thought it was an outstanding race.  I am really grateful for the numerous incredible volunteers (including one at mile 80 who did a masterful job of taping my very blistered feet).  I think it helps if you enjoy running on the canal - some people complain that it gets monotonous, but I enjoyed seeing the same stretch at different times of day.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to drop me a line -- joel.pulliam at gmail.com.

  12. JA Pulliam

    Justin - dawn found me huddled in front of a space heater with a warm drink, trying desperately to overcome mild hypothermia.  I'd like to think I was still feeling enthusiastic, but I definitely found my own low point.   Thanks for coming out to support the runners!

  13. Todd Meigs

    So impressed with this.

  14. Holly S.

    great to meet you also -- and way to go! such an accomplishment!!

  15. Alan Sherman

    Holy crap...I've been waiting for this upload.  Way to go stud!!  100 miler in the books...so jealous and impressed.  Do you have a blog report or anything?  AWESOME!!

  16. JA Pulliam

    Thanks!  Yes, I have a blog report here:  http://readingrunningredsox.blogspot.com/2014/05/c-canal-100-race-report-and-few.html

  17. antoine rochette

    awesome report! congrats!!

  18. JA Pulliam

    Thanks for checking it out!