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1hr at 300w+, then just kept going. I like my femurs!

Virtual Ride
  • 78.1km
  • 1,024m
  • 2:11:40
    Moving Time
  • 2,317


  1. Kevin Voelker

    wow, way to put the power down.

  2. Brendan Gorman

    My bro's program works very well. Much better than Zwift's FTP builder programs!

  3. Kevin Voelker

    Care to share? Or is he a coach

  4. Brendan Gorman

    Sure. In general it revolves around maxing the higher watts & minimizing the lower. You can adapt it to yourself. For me w an FTP of 316 I either ride at 250w or higher for as long as I can. If I need an easy day I just ride for 30min between 150-200w. I don't have enough time w 2 kids to spin easy for 1-2hrs. Nothing is exact but those are my general principles. I think the main thing is to minimize the easy spinning

  5. Kevin Voelker

    Interesting and I always thought that was the right approach but everything I read says not to always go hard. Over the summer I tried to just ride as hard as I could everywhere I went and take rest days when I felt tired. Using Zwift and reading coaching advice sort of tells me to do lots of recovery efforts between hard efforts so I've been taking it easy following the Zwift stuff. I always have felt though you need to ride hard and just make your body adapt to get to the next level, I don't think the increase I had over the summer would have been as much if I followed structured workouts... but what do I know...

  6. Kevin Voelker

    and when i say felt tired it was more like several days of burning legs went by and thought that I might be near injury if I did one more

  7. Brendan Gorman

    It's the right approach for me from late summer/early fall to mid to late winter. As the season approaches I'll do more structured workouts but right now I'm just trying to get my aerobic level to as high a level as possible. Rest days are certainly important & I have a fair amount of them. I go day by day. If I can hammer for 3 days in a row I do. if I need to recover I recover. My bro advised me to either not ride those days or ride no longer than 30min. I like doing 30min easy to keep the routine/blood flowing & watch my cycling videos. I have limited time & I'm not Pro so I don't have need/time for long recovery rides or crazy long trainer rides. My races are under 3hrs & not all of that time is spent at high watts. I've always multiplied my indoor hammer rides by a factor of 1.5 to get an equivalent to outside/race so if I was to justify a 3hr trainer ride I'd have to be doing races over 4.5hrs long.

  8. Kevin Voelker

    Very interesting and this makes me happy, I was starting to get confused with everything.... but all summer I was listening to my body and reading this makes me happy I did.. your numbers don't lie. My goal last summer was to see how fast I could ride 100km so I kept trying to hammer them out not doing anything further (usually I have just over a three hour window on some mornings) and ride as hard as I can to work and home during the week but sometimes taking the long way. Besides structured training isn't fun and its not why I want to ride a bike. Probably will remain my strategy for 2018... I hope to do 100km under 2:40 by late summer and if I do I want to start doing 160km rides (the idea of doing 100 mile unsupported TT rides is attractive to me).

  9. Brendan Gorman

    Sounds liķe at least for now my program would work for you year round. I have to do structured workouts closer to the spring & in the summer. In my races there are many short to medium length efforts over 400w so I need to train for that.

  10. Kevin Voelker

    Holy moly.... well good luck with that 😲 I did but myself a deep section front wheel, a rear disc, KASK bambino helmet and a skinsuit for Christmas which I have yet to tryout so I am hoping I bought myself some time on the road now 😁 I was riding all year on a cheap alloy wheelset bht I'll probably ride all of 2018 on a road bike but I want to make the switch next christmas to a TT bike. I'm just getting super ansy for the snow to go away.