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BWR 2014 - From Home, Crash but didn't burn. bwrcompare

  • 139.1mi
  • 11,584ft
  • 11:36:15
    Moving Time
  • 10,994
  • 585
    Suffer Score


  1. Keith Sherwood

    Watching the live ViaSat feed of the ride, and just heard you called out by name from the MC stand at 4:10 pm. Congratulations on an awesome achievement!

  2. Strava A.
    Strava A.

    Congrats! Nice work Bill!!

  3. Jackie Cipriani *L'Ascenders*

    YOU THE MAN!!! You looked strong & fresh EVERY time we saw you!! INCREDIBLE feat!!! HUGE Bill!!! Road rash is a badge of honor:) CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  4. Simon HUNT BikeRunning.com

    Very impressive. Well done !

  5. Daniel Cipriani L^A^scenders

    Super impressed Bill...so great to see you grinning ear to ear as you fly by at Lake Hodges at 6AM...and then again after Lake Hodges at 1PM...still grinning, a bit bloody, but still grinning. And you were willing to stop for a hug!  Amazing spirit - awesome riding - huge Congrats - well deserved and so totally earned!

  6. JT Theodossi

    Another amazing day from you Bill! So impressive, great job

  7. Bryan Pate - ElliptiGO

    Congratulations. I'm looking forward to hearing the recap. By the looks of your leg it was quite a day. Hope you savored it.

  8. Jordan Trump

    Congratulations Bill! You are an awesome athlete!

  9. Kangoo Jumps Sid Scheck

    Wow! Impressive Bill! Congrats!

  10. Rick Bienias - ElliptiGO

    Extremely impressive, Bill. That is quite an achievement. Congratulations. Glad the crash did not stop you.

  11. Claus  S.
    Claus S.

    Very impressive, Bill. Great job

  12. Jane LeGOre - ElliptiGO

    Amazed by you & your positive spirit! Figures you would spice it up with a crash! So glad you were honored at the finish line - well deserved!!

  13. Stuart Blofeld


  14. Stuart Blofeld

    And you've rightly taken the top of the weekly leaderboard with that performance!! by 3 miles! ggrrrrr ;-)

  15. The Chris G.
    The Chris G.

    Mega ! I hope your wounds heal without any trouble !

  16. Deborah 0.
    Deborah 0.

    Glad you made it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. Todd Gunther

    Great ride Bill! Glad you made it ok!  Definitely a day for the books! Cheers!

  18. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Thanks everyone - was an awesome day - and comments and kudos from all of you is so motivating! Cheers! (Now, is it nearly time for more pain meds....?)

  19. Clay Whiting

    Way to go Bill! Incredible!

  20. Robert Gottlieb

    Amazing Accomplishment, but I know the training was the real challenging part.

  21. Friar Nate King

    You sir, are a lion amongst kittens. Bravo!

  22. Piet Barber

    absolutely amazing.  Did you get any rude comments from the other bikers? 

  23. Bill Pinnell - ElliptiGO

    Thanks! The worst any fellow BWR rider did was ignore me - I think most didn't realize I was actually taking part - especially as I was ahead because of my early start. A lot of them responded positively though - and lots cheered at the end when I was on stage. The BWR is an equalizer - even if some of them did it twice as fast as me - there is respect for having been out so long and managed a tough course etc.

  24. METAL ‡

    Totally METAL...especially riding from home and not getting in a blasted car.

  25. Paul Stratford

    Regularly see someone over here in London riding an EGo in Richmond Park. Cannot begin to visualise 200+ km with offroad. Seriously impressed.