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Morning Ride

  • 150.2km
  • 2,189m
  • 4:35:08
    Moving Time


  1. Csaba Nacu

    All good? No KOM today.

  2. Carlos André

    Parabéns Chris Fromme!!! Grande ciclista mundial!!!

  3. Daniel Fagundes

    Perfect workout. We are accompanying you and cheering for you on the races.

  4. Ciaran McMahon

    Class act Chris

  5. Tony B.

    Only 150km must be a recovery ride 😉

  6. Armando Lopes BICA #100FronteirasCycling

    Congratulacions. Big hug.

  7. Steve L.

    Wow I kudosed Froomy 👍

  8. Laurent B.

    Chris Froome stop killing millles ! 😂😂 pleasssssse ! 🏆

  9. Mark Pierce

    Can't believe you've removed all your HR data 😔

  10. Neil Pearce

    Mark, Glad he did it would only depress us mortals

  11. Joe S.

    Unreal. ...pros are a different bread 😂

  12. Chakman Ip

    So admire you can ride everyday!

  13. Katie Jane 🌋 WCS KRT

    Great ride 👍🏿🚴

  14. Wesley Tito


  15. Paul Richard Baisch

    3 days of Monster rides wow

  16. Sarah Gontijo 🇧🇷

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 the best !!!

  17. Robert Gil

    Very good!

  18. Antonio de la Mata López

    GOD! XDD I like that you are here!

  19. Koen De Leersnijder

    Yay! Froomey on Strava!

  20. Tim S.

    Chapeau for putting your rides up here.

  21. Melissa E.

    So awesome that I ride the same roads that you do. I imagine a lot of cyclists will be out training to smash your KOMs for the bragging rights, which is great for South African cycling. Looking forward to watching your upcoming races.

  22. Laerte S.

    O que Chris Froome faz em um dia, eu faço em um mês... hahahah

  23. Dan Crossley

    Bloody showing off now. 👍🏻

  24. Celian H.

    Amazing chris keep up !!

  25. george watson

    Hi Chris, is the cadence setting correct? As max is close on 200rpm

  26. Joe H.

    Chris, so excited to welcome you out here for The Big Start to the Giro, in Jerusalem. Train hard, rest harder...looking forward. See you here!

  27. Derick Vareschi

    Bem mais ou menos!

  28. Paul D.

    Awesome & totally inspirational stuff Froomey, would be great to see you racing in the UK some time soon!??💪🏼🚴🏻

  29. Paul S.

    dont forget to feed the pythons

  30. David Carpinteiro

    Great see you on Strava👍hope see you soon in World Tour 💪💪💪💪

  31. A. C.

    we are with you

  32. "The Agony Express" ✊ .

    FYI, my profile is blocked but I will accept your follow request. 😜. Nice work out there!!

  33. Seb S.

    Chris - greetings from London mate - how is south Africa treating you?

  34. Paul Thomas

    Over 7000ft of climb and over 20mph, nothing to it 😮

  35. Artur N.

    Thanks for sharing your rides with us fans :-)

  36. Michael Franas

    Welcome back home Chris!

  37. Rivaldo Cruz

    Froome !!! I AM Brazil 👊🚴 Top!!

  38. Jamie Seaton

    Nice one Froome lad👍

  39. Edereese Sulaiman

    Something fishy here🤔 yesterday’s heart data was average 110 bpm and max 150 bpm. Today the data was removed. 👎🏽 if there’s no selfie, it never happened!

  40. S A.

    Superb ride, chuffed u r sharing your rides

  41. Vinicius Machado

    Hugs from Brazil!


    Good man Chris. I'm here in West Cork rain, cold and Asthma. An attack out riding not a pretty sight and frightening for my cycling buddies. The inhaler they see is just to let me breath. DRIVE IT ON Chris boy.🖒

  43. Mizael T.

    Troglodita... 😨😲😱😉👊👊👊👊

  44. Tom N.

    It would be more interesting if also the heartrate and watt readings was availble

  45. Matthew Noll

    What happened to your heartrate monitor?

  46. Tim D.

    This is getting embarrassing! 🤢I cycled 20miles last night on my wattbike!