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In Adelaide! A big part of stage 4. #NewBikeDay

Ride January 11, 2018
  • 122.7km
  • 1,891m
  • 4:05:49
    Moving Time
  • 3,412
  • 81
    Relative Effort
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  1. Gabri Il Nibaliano A.

    Thanks for the pictures !

  2. Pierre Scott

    Welcome to Australia! What happens with the "old" bikes Robert Gesink ? Good luck in the TDU!!

  3. J D.

    Love the decals on the SRM.

  4. Eric ..

    Pierre Scott - old bikes used to be sold at the end of the TDU literally at the back gate by some mechanics, but those were winter training bikes or previous season's generally without wheels or power meters. With TDU being first on the calendar and having full UCI rating, they will be raced for the rest of the season (next is the Cadel Evans classic) and eventually handed back to Bianchi who themselves sell it or via shops that specialise in ex pro gear. Inside the TDU tent some teams will still display some bikes for sale.

  5. Pierre Scott

    Thanks Eric ... Seems you have researched it a bit!

  6. Eric ..

    Pierre Scott I've seen a transaction with my very own eyes! There used to be Victorians who'd come across yearly to buy ex team bikes :)

  7. Matt Bubner

    Or you can just buy a NEW Team Frame direct from Bianchi! I have a friend who purchased a Pina from TeamSky a few years ago in Adelaide...

  8. Ronald Luyten

    Goede voorbereiding Is het halve werk 👍👍

  9. Noosa R.


  10. Graham Robson Snr

    Having too much fun in the sun just think of us poor cyclists back in Europe lol . Good luck for the upcomung races

  11. Laurens Bloem

    Frans Maassen lijkt wat gewicht kwijt te zijn ;-)

  12. Pete M.

    Lets go! 2018! Palmares!

  13. John G.

    Succes Robert!

  14. John Kobus

    Mooie plek! Pas op voor koalas in Morialta