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Solitude to French Meadows!

Ride January 13, 2018
  • 69.0mi
  • 9,248ft
  • 5:18:30
    Moving Time
  • 2,964
  • 410
    Relative Effort
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  1. Big Lava

    Damn!!! Way to go Assassin!!!

  2. Andrew Sterling

    Nice. I’ll be doing this route soon!

  3. Scott C.

    Damnnnnn son!

  4. Paco Lindsay

    Love that ride. Good riding. Lucky to get it in with no snow for January!

  5. Nathan Powell

    Dang I didn't know you were doing that ride today, you should have joined us on doing the whole French Meadows loop

  6. Paco Lindsay

    @Nathan The whole loop? Is the Landslide cleaned up? That loop. Thanks

  7. Nathan Powell

    Nope, we walk right around it and had no problems afterwards, we had absolutely no cars either

  8. Jody McComas

    Wow ! Crazy ride for getting back in the saddle. Hope u do your homework and get in a recovery Z1 spin today.

  9. Jeff Leonard

    Good to know Nathan Powell ... was told Road was gone, looped back at the Reservoir and did out back...

  10. Jeff Leonard

    Was far more ambitious then I anticipated Jody McComas ... glad I did thou. Zone 1 for sure. Thanks!

  11. Jeff Leonard

    Took off w/ the CF crew but missed memo about not continuing to French Meadows, so Solo all day. ( again)... Thanks Steve Schubauer Benjamin Lawry and Jody McComas for invite... Steve Schubauer, glad you made it over to MoonRaker, that was tasty!

  12. Jeff Leonard

    Paco Lindsay , was a amazing day of solo suffrage.
    Weather was cool, never cold..

  13. Jeff Leonard

    Big Lava , essence of cycling Roads out there .. The close to 16mi descent is well earned
    “sublime-ness” in every way...