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07/17/2012 el diablo x dos

  • 54.5mi
  • 7,328ft
  • 4:17:25
    Moving Time
  • 1,984
  • 162
    Suffer Score


  1. Tanya F.
    Tanya F.

    Wow, that's some serious climbing Cheryl! Nice job.

  2. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    WOW! Twice! I am going to try to do your challenge Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  3. Sherrily ..
    Sherrily ..

    Nice, Jon! Go for it!!! Based on today, I'm hoping to tweak this crazy adventure into a "triple double." Three peaks, two times each.

  4. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing how you are going to do Mt Hamilton

  5. Darcy M.
    Darcy M.

    The elevation map data looks so awesome with the double diablo. So awesome Cheryl.

  6. Sherrily ..
    Sherrily ..

    Darcy, I know, the map is kind of cool. I have to admit, though, I met a guy on the way up the first climb and when we were at the summit, he said that he was going to climb to the summit 3x that day! Sheesh! Figured if he could do that, I should do it 2x. His ride profile beats the double for sure! With >10k ft of climbing, too boot!

  7. Jon S.
    Jon S.

    I only dream of having my heart rate in the low 150s