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🇦🇺 Early morning ride to Ocean Grove

  • 65.3km
  • 302m
  • 2:08:58
    Moving Time
  • 1,623
  • 28
    Suffer Score


  1. Kk H.

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for always sharing them!!

  2. Ricardo van den Brink

    Mooie foto`s!

  3. Tony B.

    Enjoying a well earned holiday before you and the family head back home??

  4. Robert Gesink

    Tony Bianchini We race in Melbourne on Thursday and Great Ocean Race on Sunday! Then back!

  5. Tony B.

    Good luck in Victoria. That’s the State where you will have a well earned Victory, I’m sure. Aussie is my home country 👍

  6. John G.

    Tja, daar is het mooier fietsen dan hier in Nederland!

  7. Tim P.

    Loving the pictures Robert! Especially pic 3 by the beach. It’s raining here in England so it’s nice to see the sunshine! Good luck on Thursday and Sunday, and well done for TDU result last week. Keep working-you are a great inspiration!

  8. Marjolein De Boer-de Groot

    alleen maar mooi weer ....hier echt niet ...dan maar schaatsen

  9. Julian G.

    Great skies, nicely captured (esp. #3) - almost as impressive as New Mexico’s as showcased in Breaking Bad 👌

  10. Paulo Barateiro

    Hey Tim... always raining there, no? Ha