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Opted for some cycle training today. Flat and Dirty, just how I like my _______ (fill in the blank).

  • 159.8km
  • 1,640m
  • 5:15:07
    Moving Time


  1. Dave G.
    Dave Galli

    coca cola.

  2. Don M.
    Don M.


  3. Matthew ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ R.
    Matthew ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Redmond

    ground pancakes?

  4. Tiago C.
    Tiago C.

    Guaraná :)

  5. Charles D.
    Charles Davis


  6. Skinny H.
    Skinny H.


  7. Chuck Y.
    Chuck Yockum Ⓥ

    yard? Not what I was thinking but.....

  8. Tyler D.
    Tyler D.


  9. Trevor F.
    Trevor F.

    toilet paper

  10. Gunnar C.
    Gunnar Christensen

    Paris Roubaix

  11. Scott C.
  12. Jim F.
    Jim Fernandes

    Swedish meatballs?

  13. Man C.
    Man Candy


  14. Oliver  I.
    Oliver I.


  15. Jeff H.
    Jeff Hillis

    Women (syn: flat,"horizontal"...)

  16. Gerry Stephenson (.
    Gerry Stephenson (.

    Yes all this just to avoid my offer to ride for 1 hour at about 13 MPH. Turns out the pace was higher 14.6 MPH. We were burning up the asphalt on Baseline. 

  17. Don H.
    Don Hobbs

    We could have used you.  56 miles and 32 not paved.  Flat and Dirty indeed.

  18. Brian G.
    Brian G

    competition's tubulars

  19. Garry T.
    Garry T.

    Farm fields

  20. John A.
    John A.


  21. Jay K.
    Jay K.


  22. Kevin Colburn  .
  23. Neal R.
    Neal Rogers


  24. Steve R.
    Steve R.

    Cajun rice?

  25. Adolf H.
  26. Chris H.
    Chris Ha


  27. Scott S.
    Scott S.

    That was you coming up the back side of Lee Hill when I was coming down, exciting for us run-of-the-mill weekend riders!

  28. Patrick W.
    Patrick Walter

    Bar maids

  29. Organ Donor S.
    Organ Donor S.


  30. Zachary R. B.
    Zachary R. Bennett

    the competition's tires?

  31. Christopher G.
  32. Tom S.
    Tom Stricklin

    cycle training

  33. Rob M.
    Rob McQueen

    TT position!

  34. Dave S.
    Dave Sundheim

    Farm country!

  35. Ryan S.
  36. Michael P.
    Michael P.


  37. Christopher C.
  38. Eugene  B.
    Eugene Binunsky

    just loving all your ride titles lately

  39. Christopher C.
    Christopher Columbo

    Dead hookers

  40. Caballero 1.
    Caballero 1.

    Dirty hookers

  41. Manuel C.
    manuel couto


  42. Harvey B.
    Harvey Benwell

    Testicles after Paris-Roubaix?

  43. Jeff  S.
    jeff sparman

    Cup size...

  44. Christian S.
    Christian S.


  45. Gerard D.
    Gerard Deehan

    Under pants?

  46. Tom S.
    Tom Sweet

    Blow up dolls

  47. Christopher S.
  48. Scott C.
    Scott C.


  49. Germano R.
  50. Andrew H.
    Andrew H.