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Horseshoe Meadows and Whitney Portal w/Jeff and Gus

  • 64.6mi
  • 10,860ft
  • 6:06:24
    Moving Time
  • 3,697


  1. Ryan Wilson

    I think we nailed the sweet spot on distance to elevation gain ratio.

  2. Matt DeViney

    So... that trail that goes to the top of Mt. Whitney...

  3. Ryan Wilson

    ^I'd love to hike it, but I didn't get selected in the lottery this year (they limit the number of people on the trail per day). It's illegal to ride it, and most of it would probably be hike-a-bike anyways. A large portion is steep granite "stairs". White Mountain across the valley is a better option if you want to ride to a CA 14er.

  4. Matt DeViney

    Wow. Surprised enough people come to hike it to necessitate a lottery. Have you ridden White Mountain? I'm wondering if paved roads to 14er summits are a uniquely Coloradan thing.

  5. Ryan Wilson

    I haven't ridden to the white mountain summit, but I plan to change that this year. I've ridden the paved road that goes to 10,200ft, but that's around as high as roads get in Cali (Rock Creek is slightly higher). Even the dirt "road" to white requires hike-a-bike at the summit I've heard, but bikes are allowed.

  6. Matt DeViney

    Looking forward to those photos.

  7. Nomad /.

    Epic. Doing Baldy from base to Summit in a month. MTB. Some hike a bike near summit. 8k in one climb. Pure stupidity:) love your big rides...

  8. Nomad /.

    epic photos. I don't know how you guys pull this kind of thing off with so little water