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Boggs Super D - 2nd overall!

  • 13.7mi
  • 1,867ft
  • 1:30:52
    Moving Time
  • 879


  1. Hikers O.

    Nice to meet you yesterday riding up to the Super D start! Great result! I about almost died on the middle pedal section:) Mark

  2. Philip Mooney

    Hell of a ride by you too! Jim and I were riding up the climb back to camp and saw you sprinting down the fire road like a banshee! Let me know if you ever want to get together for some Marin riding. I'm sure you and your crew could scare the hell out of me. Ha!

  3. Philip Mooney

    Also, the Super D segment is really interesting to look at on raceshape.com. Can see where people took time out. Check it: http://raceshape.com/strava-segments/7146419?kom=1&rides=3118198402|137381404