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Peddars Way Ultra, 2nd place. Nice tailwind, but quite muddy, one flooded bit, fallen trees.

  • 47.8mi
  • 2,211ft
  • 6:26:50
    Moving Time
  • 8:08/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 5,391


  1. Bijendra S.

    Hearty congratulations champ Charlie Wartnaby.. Awesome strong ultra done so effortlessly.. So happy for you my champ mate.. God bless you. Keep going stronger :)

  2. Liam O.


  3. Dan Hurst

    Cracking work mate 👍🏼

  4. Ms G.

    Well done (saw you at Sedgeford) looking very strong!

  5. Jamie W.

    Great running Charlie

  6. David Freeman

    Nice one Charlie, great run. Knowing you, you probably ran back afterwards to collect your car...

  7. Stuart Laud

    Well done Charlie!

  8. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks guys! I didn't quite get it right -- I was definitely having a graceful fade, if not an all-out blow-up, around the 40M mark, but actually rallied a bit later (hard to tell with some delays picking my way round fallen trees etc). Ms G -- nice to have your support, I'll tell Lee you were there, looked miserable spectating so kudos to you too!

  9. Charlie Wartnaby

    PS Dave -- ah yes, I have a little train + folding bike adventure for tomorrow am now!

  10. Andrew S.

    Nice work Charlie. Great pace for that distance

  11. Stuart L.


  12. Katie Godof

    Bravo to that, well done Charlie.

  13. Charlie Wartnaby

    Cheers all! A fun day out. (Judgement reserved by my quads for tomorrow.)

  14. David A.

    Great effort and result!

  15. Neil T.

    That's a brilliant run, well done! I grew up about ten miles from the start of this race and my family owned a farm there (Stanton). They were convinced that Peddars Way went through their land but interesting to see that the Ultra organisers disagreed! That distance was probably enough though...

  16. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks Neil, interesting! There was at least one place where what looked like the traditional straight path wasn't the route the modern way followed, so maybe your folks were right... and at the advice of the race director on the start line, I bypassed a whole chunk near ?Pickering, following the signposted cycle route on the road instead to avoid what was apparently a very boggy bit. So it was only an approximation to the one true Way!

  17. Ryan snell

    Top bombing Charlie. A very minor fade in the context of a race that long - enjoy the food/rest/beer :)

  18. Lee T.

    Stunning run Charlie. We can use the sack barrow to cart you around the office tomorrow if you need.

  19. Charlie Wartnaby

    Thanks all! Ha ha Lee (I might have to hold you to that) -- even as my legs failed me and the wind blew rain across us, I managed to shout to Ms G above (of Ely Runners) that I knew you -- next year for us both maybe? ;-)

  20. Martin S.

    Awesome as always!

  21. Marc Hibbins

    Great running Charlie! If you have a minute, would you mind leaving us a review of the event? https://www.letsdothis.com/e/peddars-way-s-17623/review – we'd love to hear your feedback, it'd be really appreciated – thanks!

  22. Charlie Wartnaby

    Sure, done!