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Wild Night Run - wow that was tough

  • 11.2mi
  • 1,523ft
  • 2:11:04
    Moving Time
  • 11:52/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 598


  1. Jo-Anne Turner

    Well done Christine!! Xx good run tonight

  2. Paul Crease

    I 2nd that. Well done Christine. Photo looks good. The question is are you going to Bristol to complete the set?

  3. Christine F

    No, that's it. It's just too far to go and I haven't done Staverton either so there will be two medals missing but hopefully I add the 3rd place series FV40 one.

  4. Gill Spinney

    Well done Christine. It’s brilliant to end the series in 3rd place overall on such a hard run.

  5. Christine F

    There is still Bristol which I am not doing but all well it will stay like this now.

  6. Jane Jackson

    Super well done Christine! You’ve had some tough runs to get that 3rd place - hope you stay there x

  7. Leah Rogers Was Cook

    Good to see you last night Christine. Don't fancy doing the navigation run with me at Haldon on 3rd March do You??

  8. Christine F

    Leah- I would be tempted but we are in the Lakes that week. Let's stay in touch, would be great to meet up for a run. I should go back on my bike as well some time, but no swimming for me 😉

  9. Leah Rogers Was Cook

    Shame. Are you on Facebook?

  10. Chris Nott

    Well done Christine

  11. Marc Hibbins

    Great running Christine! If you have a minute, would you mind leaving us a review of the event? https://www.letsdothis.com/e/wild-night-s-18660/review – we'd love to hear your feedback, it'd be really appreciated – thanks!