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Endurance training as the Sportive season starts in about 3 weeks. A ride out to the fabulous Chapeau cyclists Cafe in Marton near Macclesfield for β˜•οΈ and 🍰. Hilly on the way out and 43 miles into the wind on the way home.

  • 85.8mi
  • 3,592ft
  • 6:05:03
    Moving Time
  • 2,868
  • 378
    Relative Effort


  1. . J.

    Nice one John, gusty windy day.πŸ–’

  2. John Rooke

    Thanks Jacko. Yes, pretty much had that wind in my face all the way back and nowhere to hide as I was solo. Certainly got more of a work out than I was expecting πŸ‘.

  3. Andy Redmond

    How have you managed to keep the from wheel clean buy your rear wheel if filthy, you been practicing manuals on your MTB :-)

  4. John Rooke

    Good point. I have absolutely no idea. Sone of the roads were seriously mucky and I’m surprised my bike was t not a lot dirtier than it was.