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Stage 1 Friends Life Women's Tour 5/7/14 Oundle, England, United Kingdom

  • 93.8km
  • 1,014m
  • 2:29:57
    Moving Time
  • 2,939


  1. Troy B.
    troy backhouse VCC

    hope to see you Saturday :)

  2. André F.
    André F.

    Komkommertijd. Gaaf!

  3. Alex  S.
    Alex S.

    I think I'm going to take up snooker.

  4. Steve H.
    Steve H.

    Well you certainly made a mess of my Strava ranking! Well done, great to watch you all coming through my village of Milton Malsor today.

  5. Chris S.
    Chris S.

    47 QOMs in one ride... That has to be some sort of record.

  6. Phil R.
    Phil R.


  7. Richard F.
    Richard F.

    Great ride today Marianne, I hope you will visit us on the Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club stand in Bedford after the stage tomorrow, I would be great to see you????

  8. Matt F.
    Matt F.

    Thanks for sharing, brilliant ride!

  9. Carl F.
    Carl Frost

    Great ride!

  10. Helma V.
    Helma V.

    Wauw wat een rit!

  11. Georgia M.
    Georgia Mansfield

    You are incredible marriane. True inspiration. I hope one day i can be as good as you or atleast half as good.

  12. Lisa F.
    Lisa F.

    If you're going to lose your QOM to somebody, it might as well be to one of the worlds greatest cyclist! I'm in awe!

  13. Sarah Jane S.
    Sarah Jane S.

    Look at all those qom

  14. Andrew D.
    Andrew Dixon

    Wow!! :-)

  15. J T.
    J T.

    That is a lot ok KOM's.  Great ride today.  Looking forward to seeing you tonight at the GIANT store, Rutland :)

  16. J T.
    J T.

    Over even QOM's :)

  17. Andy L.
    Andy L.

    Awesome ride!! From all at Giant Sheffield :-)

  18. Jonnie B.
    Jonnie Boertien

    Marianne forever!

  19. Tracey H.
    Tracey Hunt

    Looks like I've lost my QOMs then!!

  20. Kees D.
    Kees De Vries

    Knap gereden, chapeau..

  21. Elliott H.
    Elliott H.

    and she managed to spare an hour afterwards to talk to 70 of us at Rutland Cycling! Great to see you and hear you r passion for the sport!

  22. Laurent A.
    Laurent Audibert (Watford Velo Sport)

    What a fantastic ride!!! No doubt; YOU'RE THE QUEEN OF CYCLING!

  23. Malcolm H.
    Malcolm H.

    Bloody marvelously brilliant. Wish I could ride like that.

  24. Richard L.
    Richard LoⓋelock | AVC

    Haha... that's a lot of tiaras! Well done Marianne. Hope to see you all finish in Bedford or Welwyn. Congratulations

  25. Nina J.
    Nina J.

    Great stuff. So impressive.  Not sure I will ever make Number 1 on the Spratton Hill now!

  26. CliⓋe G.
    CliⓋe G.


  27. Jeremy R.
    Jeremy R.

    Great Ride!!!!  Looks like you must have had a tail wind (on all stages) LOL :-)
    Really great of you to share and we are privileged to see your Strava stats. Have a great Tour and hope to get to see you all on Saturday.

  28. Lucy R.
    Lucy Rowe

    You are incredible! 47 QOMs! Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm happy when I get 1 QOM a ride! Can't wait to watch the rest of the tour!

  29. Laura F.
    Laura F.

    All those QOM's are going to give Strava riders something massive to aim for then! Well done.

  30. Lee H.
    Lee H.

    Proper QOMfest!!

  31. Neil M.
    Neil M.

    Now that is QOM

  32. Liam M.
    Liam M.


  33. Tracey H.
    Tracey Hunt

    Really enjoyed seeing you all today. Fantastic for women's cycling. Awesome!

  34. Aaron D.
    Aaron Day - BCC

    Amazing! what a hero!

  35. Gaz L.
    gaz lovett

    Took your picture 300 metres from finish line today! Awesome to see you all in Northampton! Good luck for the rest of the tour :-)

  36. Ian N.
    ian nuttney

    Great that you share this - amazing stuff! Look forward to seeing your stage 5 stats on my local roads.

  37. Greg B.
    Greg B.

    Fantastic hope to see you over the weekend! Great having you here for the Women's Tour, you're amazing!

  38. Steve W.
    Steve W.


  39. Thomas C.
    Thomas Commons

    QOM record!!! Dam :@

  40. Jonathan A.
    Jonathan A.

    That's a hell of a lot of QOM's!!!

  41. Dave B.
    Dave B.

    Great to watch the world's best on my training roads ! Congrats on your impressive tour win...