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5/8/14 Blaby District, Leicestershire, UK, England, United Kingdom

  • 118.2km
  • 183m
  • 3:02:30
    Moving Time
  • 3,055


  1. Philip R.
    Philip Robinson

    whoah! no thats what i call a lot of trophies! can i have a couple? lol

  2. Rob C.
    Rob C.

    Great Race.  Well done.

  3. Richard L.
    Richard LoⓋelock AVC

    Another scalp of QOMs, well done Marianne! :) Bit wet today

  4. Laura 'Dealio' D.
    Laura 'Dealio' D.

    Well said rich lovelock:-) might be keeping those for a while, great challenge though - loving the QOM Marianne - keep it up

  5. Mark G.
    Mark Gray

    Well done on taking my KOM - looked pretty dirty today

  6. Will S.
    Will Smith

    Fabulous ride:-)

  7. Rob T.
  8. James M.
    James M.

    I suppose you wouldn't mind when you lose a KOM/QOM when you look and see its Voss.

  9. David L.
    David L.

    My old training roads!

  10. Patrick S.
    Patrick Smith

    Great seeing you today, come back soon!

  11. Rachel S.
    Rachel S.

    That's a lot of QOMs. Great stuff, well done!

  12. Vicki T.
    Vicki T.

    Fantastic Marianne, an honour to see you today (although very briefly!)

  13. Edward S.
    Edward S.

    QOM de enige echte Queen Of the Mountain!!!!

  14. Alastair G.
    Alastair G.

    Thats a great day at the QOM office!

  15. Thea M.
    Thea Mizuhara

    Wowwww haha

  16. Emma Louise Layla 🇬.
  17. Pendi S.
    Pendi S.

    QOMs, QOMs everywhere!!

  18. Michael S.
    Michael S.

    Wauw !!

  19. Thomas W.
    Thomas Woods Ⓥ

    Congrats, that's a lot of QoMs!!

  20. Dave G.
    Dave Gaal


  21. Lisa F.
    Lisa F.

    You been out strava bagging again! :-)

  22. Lisa F.
    Lisa F.

    You been out strava bagging again! :-)

  23. Elliott H.
    Elliott H.

    Full respect!

  24. Ross P.
    Ross P.

    Thanks for making me appreciate how good women's cycling is by smashing all our Koms. Good luck for the rest of the tour.

  25. Diana R.
    Diana R.

    I have a goal, be an excellent climber in cycling like you. My respect

  26. Anne N.
    Anne N.

    You stole 3 of my qoms :( ....... watch this space lol, im coming to get them back :)
    All the best on the tour and congrats on today.

  27. Pete B.
    Pete B.

    great honor to have a legend cycle our roads.