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Ride to clear my head after shitty exam - Smashed it.

  • 90.4mi
  • 8,593ft
  • 5:58:48
    Moving Time
  • 4,446
  • 226
    Suffer Score


  1. Andy 'Stickmann' W.
    Andy 'Stickmann' W.

    Good Ride Darren...Plenty of hills there lad??

  2. Chris A.
    Chris A.

    Top cycle, lots of good climbs !!!!

  3. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    I was using my Garmin Barometer to try get 2674m climbing, because for some reason I thought the climbing challenge was that! 2310m done well before I even disappeared into no-mans-land and into the rain! Struggled on for the last 14ish miles, not cold but so wet and slippery without gloves. :D

  4. Chris A.
    Chris A.

    Good effort matey, exam go ok ??

  5. Zain K.
    Zain K.

    That's some performance. Well done

  6. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Exam was pish Chris. I was 5 minutes late, and because of that + antibiotics + not sleeping well I completely blanked on key points, so I'm not happy with it! Hence the 90 mile "head clear"

  7. Alastair S.
    Alastair S.

    That'll learn you not to read things proper!! Thought that were something drilled into you for exams. Great ride though.

  8. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Thanks Zain, just kept going with no real idea of route. We have some nice roads around these parts!

  9. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Alastair - I really struggle with exams for some reason, just get massively stressed out and worked up before them, even when I know the stuff. Bit of a hinderance when in full time education..

  10. Chris A.
    Chris A.

    Sorry to hear that matey. Couple of big drams and a good kip!!

  11. Alastair S.
    Alastair S.

    Sorry, I posted that before your comment about the exams, crossed lines! Must've read as not nice.

  12. Alastair S.
    Alastair S.

    As a former teacher can sympathise. What was the back road up from Abbey St Bathans like, I've always gone up or down the other route?

  13. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Nae bother, plan on finishing off a few beers and crashing out in about an hour. Feel a good sleep coming on after this ride!

  14. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    It was a fairly pleasant road, hilly in places and some parts have been re-paved with a bit of shoddy workmanship but not rough. Did seem to drag on a bit but that was more the fact I was getting tired.

  15. Andy M.
    Andy M.

    That, my friend, is one hell of a ride. Chin up re the exam, worse case scenario is a retake?

  16. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Yea, it mainly annoyed me because I had been doing the examples fine the night before, and I just had a complete blank. Thankfully only a handful of people actually balanced it - maybe it was too challenging for us! 

  17. Carolyn F.
    Carolyn Flores

    WOW nice ride. Sorry about your exam :( Maybe you did better than you think???

  18. John C.
    John C.

    Some ride Darren. Nice one. I'll know to stop next time we pass to say hello. I'll be on the proper bike next time....

  19. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    I was considering stopping to chat John, but not in that downpour! The exam is most definitely a write off Carolyn, blanked on about 3/4 of the paper so I'll just accept it as a definite resit.

  20. Marcus W.
    Marcus W.

    Amazing ride and one to emulate. Well done. How long until you can re-sit the exam I wonder. Next time you will cruise through it.

  21. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    Not sure, my lecturer has been having family issues and as a result hasn't marked any of my last 3 exams, first one was a resit because I was in court the original date, second one was about 3 weeks ago and nobody has heard results, and this one today. Not pleasant sat thinking you may have failed 3 exams! (None of them were perfect, and the marking is fucking wack)

  22. Marcus W.
    Marcus W.

    What a weird situation, not to know your results for your last three exams. Means you cannot assess where your weak points are. Is there another exam board/channel for getting the qualification you need, that you can use or are you stuck with your current provider?

  23. Darren L.
    Darren L.

    I'm using my HNC as a spring-board into a qualification more specific for what I'm wanting to do. The only reason these ones haven't been marked is because my lecturer has had 1) son crashing at the velodrome, severely breaking his wrist 2) mother in law in hospital for cancer (died Wednesday morning) and I'm sure other things. All round bad timing. That on top of this being a fast-track course means I'm supposed to be finishing in 5 weeks.