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Don Bradbury

Weaverville, California
  • 95
    Activities in 2018
  • 1,152.0
    miles Ridden in 2018
  • 43

Fear and loathing on the final LaGrange Classic short course

Ride February 8, 2018
  • 14.4mi
  • 1,966ft
  • 1:41:55
    Moving Time
  • 982
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  1. Roan Lovely
    Roan Lovely

    I stopped to check it out on Monday and wasn't thinking....put my foot down on the down hill and fell down the hill....idiot

  2. J P.
    J P.

    Don is the course approve by all land managers? I.e. NFS?

  3. Joe Riess
    Joe Riess

    Hey Don, what's the name of the trail segment just after Howe Ditch crosses Jackass Ridge and goes on that narrow singletrack along the old ditch? It meets up with the trail to the campground, and is a above crossbones.

  4. Roan Lovely
    Roan Lovely

    Ha Joe Ben and I were just discussing it! So that's on the short course right?

  5. Joe Riess
    Joe Riess

    Yeah, short course.

  6. Joe Riess
    Joe Riess

    But also long course I think.

  7. Roan Lovely
    Roan Lovely

    Oh really I thought it was just short? thanks!

  8. J P.
    J P.

    @Joe Riess Don calls that upper Howe Ditch.

  9. Don Bradbury
    Don Bradbury

    Both long course riders and short course riders will ride Upper Howe IF our permit comes through. Neither will ride it on the way back, long course comes all the way down Jackass Ridge, short course returns from Day Ranch on the East Weaver Creek trail and the lower portion of Jackass Ridge. You folks are all planning on doing the race I presume!

  10. Don Bradbury
    Don Bradbury


  11. Joe Riess
    Joe Riess

    Thanks Don and JP. And yep, we're planning to ride the race (Not to be confused with "race the race") 🤣 Also, is there a reason there's no Strava segment for Upper How's Ditch? There Renegade and Junkans (sp?) ditch below.

  12. Don Bradbury
    Don Bradbury

    OK Joe, I'll create that segment, so we don't end up with a name like "big knife" on a trail that has another name all together. Also, so it is accurate to what is on the ground. Renegade segment is actually a combination of two trails with specific names. It would be nice to keep segments in line with local names.

  13. Don Bradbury
    Don Bradbury

    Joe, I'm also still in the process of trying to determine the historic name on a couple of other ditch lines, so the names reflect our past. Crossbones has become Junkan's ditch, and was created in the 1800's, after Howe dug his ditch, which ran all the way to the mining activities in Sidney Gulch from East Weaver Creek. Junkan's ditch supplied water to the mines in Five Cent Gulch and lower East Weaver, originating somewhere near the Rainbow Hansen crossing on E. Weaver.


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