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Morning Ride

  • 170.3km
  • 2,500m
  • 5:01:01
    Moving Time


  1. Adrian C.

    Well done Chris. Thanks for sharing . 👍

  2. Nate B.

    Hit 'Em With The Hein

  3. Adriaan Oosthuizen

    Enjoy SA!!

  4. Stefano Passera

    Bravo chris

  5. Magnus Drivenes

    Thank you for inspiring me to ride My bike evry day! :)

  6. Claude Crawford

    🚴💨 keep up the good work

  7. Rodrigo D.

    Wow Froomey, the exact motivation I needed to go training

  8. Attilio Taddeo

    Excellent. Thanks Chris! Nice work today!

  9. Liam W.

    Good work!

  10. Nabeel ..

    Rafiki tour of Oman without Froom and team sky it's very boring, I hope next year we can see you in Oman , Stay strong Champion 💪✌

  11. Shane Jessup

    Beasht of a man. 👍

  12. Sattva Vasavada

    Hey Chris Froome ! I'm a 16 yo boy living in Ahmedabad, India. I train daily, with TrainerRoad. It's tough. It's mentally challenging. But your rides motivate me, that yes, one day, I too will ride like this. Thanks Chris Froome

  13. Lander Van Uythem

    Getting some water in the lake?😜🙈

  14. Fabio Mozart

    share everything please , the races in peloton too .... if you can ride them ahah

  15. Tony Nascimento LT Sports

    É campeão 😀🤗🤗🤗

  16. Denis Accardo

    Attention aux pv

  17. Mike B.

    I've just worked out Chris' daily average so far this year is 160.05km.

  18. Darren Mellors


  19. Cesar Raeder Auar

    Sua próxima prova é o tour ou tem alguma antes, boa sorte.

  20. Mike B.

    Darren Mellors yeah - mental huh.

  21. Mickel K.


  22. Fernando porto

    Monstro 💪🔝🚵

  23. Fritz M.

    The Breakfast run.... without the motor

  24. Rob Greenall

    Well done Chris, I’m glad your still focused even though it seems the world governing bodies seem they can’t make there minds up.... it’s not as if ur cleaning ur blood or secretly cheating is it.... everyone knows u use salbutamol and or inhalers.... what the hell are they debating. Enjoy the season and good luck

  25. Clauber Baroni Ramos

    Everyone is in English, like Brazilian Portuguese. Explain this to me?

  26. Trevor Agnew

    Well done Chris fantastic effort. 👍👍👏👏

  27. Paul Stevens

    Tremendous Froomey !!! 👍💪🚴🏻

  28. Guillermo Antonio V.

    Hey check this video in Colombia https://youtu.be/vOx4IefHiWQ

  29. Alberto Morales Esteban

    Good job Froome!! Good luck 2018 season

  30. Edinho Sousa

    "Du Caraí "

  31. Luciano Bilesky

    Altino Junior Prego olha esse pedal!

  32. Jacob Grover

    Jeremy Ullman god status

  33. Jose A. Moreno Rijpsma

    Well done Chris you are a example too follow.Grait training.Thanks

  34. Barry John McNamara

    Simple it's Sky is a British Professional Cycling Team And Chris Froome is part of that!

  35. Donovan Berhaut

    bonne chance pour le tour de Catalogne gagne la course et fait taire les critiques

  36. Juan Sánchez

    Bien hecho Froomy! Well done!! I hope the BEST for you this year...

  37. John Mcgurk

    Just the motivation I need to ride a lot more keep it up Chris n good luck for this season give me hell

  38. Billy Petzer

    Well done

  39. Stefano Alberti

    Oggi scarico Chris?

  40. Matthew Noll

    Where is the heartrate and power data?

  41. Alex C.

    Assume that was a bridge when you crossed the pond? Or can you ride on water? Lol 😀🐳

  42. Simon T.

    Would be great to see some photos....must be a reason for being based in SA and the open roads and vistas must be part of it

  43. Denis Van Royen ( Cyclo Nivellois )

    Hoooo belle sortie mec 😉😉😉

  44. Geoff Pigot

    Beautiful area. Had many holidays near Warmbaths(Bela Bela) can see why you would love cycling there.

  45. Orlando F.

    Bravo rides. Good luck and for the team racing next week 👍; put the hard training to work!

  46. Sea S.

    Nick Atana climbing 🤔

  47. Miguel Ángel Montealvo Rojas

    From Mexico, City .. you are the best !!!