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5/11/14 Mt Baldy (ski lifts) Century

  • 94.5mi
  • 10,996ft
  • 7:00:18
    Moving Time
  • 4,895


  1. Jonathan W.
    Jonathan Woodbury

    Ski lifts!

  2. Karen J.
    Karen J.

    Great ride!!

  3. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    yeah I only ride the ski lifts once a year. Don't really like the ascent or the descent. The descent was actually better after the chip seal. Was super windy, though a tree might fall over. and lots of rock debris on the road. and COLD at the top, i was actually shivering with teeth chattering.

  4. Q's N.
    Q's Nguyen

    Great ride an climbs Loren! I am glad that I will have a chance to ride with you and Brad this coming Grand Tour 300 miles. I am so looking forward to it.

  5. Loren S.
    Loren S.

    Brad or Brent? Yeah it should go by nicely.

  6. Q's N.
    Q's Nguyen

    I mean Brent. LOL