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(Barefoot RSD 1136) Friend Therapy: Run With Gwen (BBBrrrrr - temp 34, wind chill 27 - our hearts were warm but everything else about us was freezing❤️💨❄️😊👣)

Run February 11, 2018
  • 10.0mi
  • 2:11:29
    Moving Time
  • 13:06/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 1,193
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  1. Kannan Varadhan

    Hot chocolate at the finish?

  2. Katie Estill

    Great job Teresa!!! I wouldn’t have been out there if I haven’t paid to be...

  3. Appalachian Runner

    Very nice run Teresa!! Warm heart, cold hands and feet. That's cold! It's warmer in PA, but only for a short while. Great job!! 😊

  4. Kim F.

    That‘s cold! Great run you two!

  5. Stephanie H.

    That is really cold for you! Way to get those miles in the deep freeze!

  6. Juan S.

    Another amazing ru Teresa 😁😊👋🏽

  7. Barefoot Teresa

    Yes, Kannan Varadhan! William-Sonoma salted caramel hot chocolate, after changing into warm clothes☕️😊

  8. Debbie K.

    It's 37°F here! :) And my sister & I were commenting about how nice it is for it to be so mild. :)

  9. B M.

    Great job BFT, I’m getting tired of the indoors!

  10. Jacob M.

    R u ready for a half?

  11. Paul Delgado

    Barefoot Teresa what w cold morning huh.. wind chill on the mtb was crazy

  12. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Katie Estill! Confession: only my date with a long-time friend whom I don’t get to see very often got me out for ten miles today. Otherwise, today would have been a streak-keeper shortie, for sure!

  13. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Appalachian Runner Definitely cold hands and feet. Can’t believe y’all up there are warmer than we today!

  14. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Kim Frick! We were cold, but we had a great catching-up with each other’s life run😊

  15. Barefoot Teresa

    Stephanie Harvey, yes, so cold for us! We saw a beautiful hawk sitting on a branch of a tree next to the pond. He was so breathtakingly beautiful. We stopped so that I could take a photo, but even with gloves on my fingers were so frozen that I had trouble managing my phone. The hawk flew off before I could get it’s picture. SO cold!

  16. Barefoot Teresa

    jacob morris The ten day forecast says predicts 88% humidity and temps in the 60s next Sunday. Unless we get an unexpected cold front, I’m not heading into next week’s race with much optimism. If the weather ends up surprisingly favorable I think I’ll do ok.

  17. Barefoot Teresa

    B Mac the roads have been so slick lately with all this dampness, you’re much safer riding indoors. The weather is rather tiresome - wish we’d get some sunshine!

  18. Barefoot Teresa

    Ha, ha, Debbie Krupke! It’s all a matter of perspective, right? Can’t believe y’all were warmer today than we were!

  19. Barefoot Teresa

    Paul Delgado The wind definitely made being outside feel particularly uncomfortable. I bet riding a bicycle was even worse than running in the cold today!

  20. Barefoot Teresa

    Thank you, Juan Seaforth 👻Ghost !😊

  21. Paul Delgado

    It was a group of us crazies riding lol #goodtimes

  22. One E.

    Nice run, Teresa! And I thought I was cold, you had it even worse :)

  23. JP Body

    You're getting no sympathy from me:-) It's so good to see how you are doing