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Indoor Recovery Ride #TacxTime

Virtual Ride
  • 29.5km
  • 388m
  • 1:00:26
    Moving Time
  • 780
  • 12
    Suffer Score


  1. Dennis E.

    Leuk dat ik even in je wiel mocht zitten ... (Dennis Ernesto🇨🇮😎👉🥇🏆)

  2. Jan G.

    Heb je verdiend na gisteren 🚴🚴

  3. Julian G.

    Great idea after yesterday’s Epic Ride - tad warmer too I bet! 😉⛄️🚲🖥💦

  4. Julian G.

    Great recent interview in Cyclingnews Robert 👌. Very open and honest account. I think with sufficient numbers (super-domestique support) on the key stages you target you can achieve your goals this year. Great start to the season at TDU and some strong performances from Timo and Dylan at Dubai (esp. Stage 1, great Team effort) suggest the all-round performance that TLNL-J are now developing. Stay upright, keep out of (bunch sprint) trouble, and with a couple of strong riders with you (all the way) up the key GT climbs you favour I wish you and your team the very best for 2018 season. 💪👌👍.