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Morning Ride Barakallahu fi umrik Nte Ira 🍰🍴

Ride February 13, 2018
  • 28.1km
  • 130m
  • 1:13:42
    Moving Time
  • 523
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  1. Zoltán Cseke

    What happend with your finger? Nice cake.

  2. Zoltán Cseke

    no i didn't mountain bike and road bike mostly

  3. Zoltán Cseke

    I do not know what you talking about. Not Join that club (Ausztralian unicycle) i think you mix up somebody else

  4. Zoltán Cseke

    Ohh sorry for the misunderstanding. Have a nice day/ride.

  5. Ибо Д.

    Иди нахуй с нашей группы

  6. Wawan رضوان🇮🇩

    Sorry all friends New Read all comments, once again Sorry

  7. Wawan رضوان🇮🇩

    There's a birthday

  8. Wawan رضوان🇮🇩

    I have three austria clubs