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Morning Ride Barakallahu fi umrik Nte Ira 🍰🍴

  • 28.1km
  • 130m
  • 1:13:42
    Moving Time
  • 523


  1. IBP index

    Activity with a difficulty of IBP = "8"

  2. Zoltán Cseke

    What happend with your finger? Nice cake.

  3. Anna N.

    Hi, are you riding a unicycles l

  4. Zoltán Cseke

    no i didn't mountain bike and road bike mostly

  5. Anna N.

    Hi, you joined the Strava Club 'Australian Unicyclists', which is a club for, Australian Unicyclists, not international two wheeled bicycles. It would be great that if you're not riding in Australia on a unicycle, if you could leave that Strava Club please, because your rides give false Leaderboard results, Thanks :)

  6. Zoltán Cseke

    I do not know what you talking about. Not Join that club (Ausztralian unicycle) i think you mix up somebody else

  7. Anna N.

    Zoltan, the message about unicycles was not for you. This is not your message thread. It is for Wawen, who is in that Strava club.

  8. Zoltán Cseke

    Ohh sorry for the misunderstanding. Have a nice day/ride.

  9. Anna N.

    Wawan unless you're riding a unicycle in Australia on your rides, can you please leave the Australian Unicyclists Strava Club, thanks :)

  10. Ибо Д.

    Иди нахуй с нашей группы

  11. Wáwàn رضوان🇮🇩

    Sorry all friends New Read all comments, once again Sorry

  12. Wáwàn رضوان🇮🇩

    There's a birthday

  13. Anna N.

    You accidentally joined a Strava club that is for Australian Unicyclists. Can you leave that Strava club please.