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Neil Ennis

Lawnton, QLD, Australia
  • 132
    Activities in 2018
  • 4,289.4
    kilometers Ridden in 2018
  • 275

Riding through the Swamp

Ride February 18, 2018
  • 28.5km
  • 186m
  • 1:58:00
    Moving Time
  • 917
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  1. Graham Ramsay
    Graham Ramsay

    Many years ago whilst fishing near the Hornibrook bridge in a boat we came back to the closest point of land roughly where you where yesterday and went inland a little to explore. We found a beach shack in disrepair. And an old like a t ford fitted with duel rear wheels. Obviously to traverse the Sandy bits.

  2. Neil Ennis
    Neil Ennis

    It's a fascinating place. Just put on lots of mozzie repellant if you visit :)

  3. Graham Ramsay
    Graham Ramsay

    Yes. Thort about it a few times and the bit up near Kipparing. Will there be a mid week blog on this one Neil?

  4. Neil Ennis
    Neil Ennis

    No, probably not. I've got some Noosa River photos to edit first.

  5. Brian Ennis
    Brian Ennis

    Be worried. Trump will drain the swamp 😱😱

  6. Neil Ennis
    Neil Ennis

    If he goes near this swamp the mosquitoes will pick him up and carry him away :)


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