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Vallabrix or Bust

  • 97.8km
  • 1,156m
  • 3:46:46
    Moving Time
  • 2,045


  1. Robert Armstrong

    When is your race?

  2. Gerry Patterson

    In two weeks. Then another one a week later. Everything is good except the weight not peeling off.

  3. Robert Armstrong

    Gets tougher with age I think. How’s the weather for outdoor riding these days. Impossible here as you know.

  4. Gerry Patterson

    It's great here if dressed properly. I think the high was 12 or so. A little cold when we headed off, though. Age...yes. I'm getting used to the complications that go with that.

  5. Pierre L.

    Ginette says to see if you are eating the same or if something has changed, take a close at that. That being said, you may have reached a plateau and have replaced some fat with muscle which as you know weighs more.

  6. Gerry Patterson

    @Pierre Leclaire, definitely a 'weight shift' going on, yeah. As for the other stuff, I'll have a beer and ponder it ;-)

  7. Robert Armstrong

    I knew beef would come up eventually 🍺

  8. Robert Armstrong

    Make that “beer” (typo)

  9. Gerry Patterson

    Definitely not beef in this household ;-)

  10. Robert Armstrong

    Nor mine.

  11. Gerry Patterson

    We're all a bunch of tree huggers these days...

  12. Robert Armstrong

    Seems that way. Better for one’s health, but I have a bigger moral issue with the horrible treatment of animals.

  13. Pierre L.

    Agree Robert!