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I am a snow plow

  • 5.1mi
  • 55:23
    Moving Time
  • 10:50/mi
    Avg Pace
  • 843


  1. Rod E.

    Don’t your toes get cold?

  2. Nathan Nelson

    Not really. My hands were FREEZING, though. My feet handle the snow and ice well. Killer blood vessels, is my assumption.

  3. Rod E.

    Lol. I wear gloves that fold over into mittens. My hands@stay toasty.

  4. Nathan Nelson

    I told my wife today that I’ve got to get some good mittens. My fingers went through that thing where they sting until they thaw. Owwww.

  5. Rod E.

    Ouch. Tomorrow looks like 14 degrees at 7 am I may have another elliptical day :).

  6. Nathan Nelson

    Haha. My run was traumatizing, so I’ve given myself permission to take 2018 off.

  7. Rod E.

    Sorry the approval committee has denied your permission to take off 2018 and rescinded your authority to approve future requests.

  8. Nathan Nelson

    *sigh* I’ll throw my tights in the wash...

  9. Rod E.


  10. Mark Kimball

    Tights AND shorts, right Nathan? None of this tights only thing. ;)

  11. Nathan Nelson

    Oh, no, Mark. Not you, too!

  12. Rod E.

    Do people actually wear tights only? So wrong.

  13. Nathan Nelson

    Rod, you Will assimilate.