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I send this smile over to you

  • 111.8mi
  • 22,660ft
  • 9:33:35
    Moving Time
  • 7,576


  1. Schleck M.
    Schleck McD

    Now that is a proper ride, I remember some of those undulations from holidays as a kid

  2. Nigel S.
    Nigel S.

    I thought you would have done a last big ride for the challenge but I did get confused last night when there was still uploaded on strava.

    unless anyone else hasn't uploaded yet, you are looking like the winner. well done, truly is amazing stuff,

    I'm 47 and trying to get to do more distance and get better recovery. I used to do MTB racing in the early 90's and remember how much better my recovery was to now. Seeing what you can do and other people of my age has given belief that I can get back to my previous self and maybe even better, hope so :)

  3. Geoff L.
    Geoff L.

    Great stuff Robin, amazing effort, I have no idea where you get the time to do the amount of riding, a very supportive family. Well done & why do you not follow anyone on Strava (do you have no mates local to you on it?)

  4. Paddy D.
    Paddy Dunne


  5. Grizzly B.
    Grizzly B.

    Blimey Rob, thats a ride from hell with not just the distance but the climbing as well! I bet you were tired afterwards:)

  6. Rob  ®.
    Rob ®

    This was the one a week earlier... http://app.strava.com/activities/13491877 :)