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Lunch @ Vallter2000 #BitFresh

  • 203.3km
  • 3,149m
  • 6:59:07
    Moving Time
  • 6,486
  • 151
    Suffer Score


  1. Dirk Verleyen

    De toeristen gaan naar Spanje om de kou te ontvluchten, jij gaat ernaar op zoek :-)

  2. Richard Spink

    sterk werk

  3. Max " The Rock" Lezzi

    Robert, thanks for lovely photos.👍👍🚴🚴🚴

  4. Luís Beltrão

    Vallter 2000? I know that climb! 😁 There is a good coffee in Set Cases, and Camprodon! 😉👌

  5. Koen Jansen

    Was mooi om je even te spreken 👍👍

  6. Dieison O.

    O love your pictures!! Keep Going 👊🇧🇷

  7. Darren J.

    don't understand how in all the photos your xr4 is spotless clean and I go and o 50 miles today and mine needs another wash (only washed it yesterday)

  8. Joan Conesa

    Mate, you're crazy.

  9. juan francisco aguera bastida

    Espectacular robert

  10. Jesse R.

    Dit kennen we Mady Kleeven !

  11. Biel Farré

    Pep Muntanya per casa nostra

  12. Scott Weber

    Thanks for all of the great pics! Nice climbing work! 🤘🏻

  13. Bram van der Slik

    Altijd inspirerende foto’s Blijf ze maken Robert

  14. Savino Occhionorelli

    Bellissime foto come sempre

  15. Faliero Masi

    Beautiful. Nice pics.

  16. Julian G.

    What a great looking elevation chart. Summit bang on 100km distance 👌. Vallter looks a great steady climb with mega elevation - thanks Robert for sharing! May attempt this summer but will need to drive part-way from the coast to avoid midday heat. Perfect highlight image - up there with the Best - incredible depth of field 👌. Spot on! 👍

  17. asturi fernando

    Robert eres una máquina y no solo me refiero solo en el ciclismo😊😊 no te conozco pero da gusto seguirte en el strava, por q no escondes nada potencia pulso etc y la verdad, q encima nos deleintas con unas fotos increíbles, te deseo lo mejor para el 2018 tanto en lo profesional como en lo personal mucha suerte y gracias por ser así 💪💪😉

  18. Guido S.

    Gave foto’s. Altijd mooi bianchi tegen achtergrond sneeuw

  19. Shawn Dowlen-Ride615

    Love the pictures. The Bianchi blue is very photogenic, especially in the snow!

  20. Coen K.

    Bianchi's are never blue, they are celeste. ;)