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Ass=kicked. Final long run before Sulphur Springs.

  • 26.5km
  • 454m
  • 2:32:59
    Moving Time
  • 5:46/km
    Avg Pace
  • 2,103


  1. Emma I.

    Nice. So seriously, how bad was the mud? I was hoping it would be relatively dry because I really don't have the right shoes for a super muddy course. Damn it.

  2. Russell A

    The worst part was on Monarch Trail, which isn't in the race. A lot of the route has gravel down but there were some pretty big patches of slop. If it doesn't rain for the next week straight, you'll be fine. If 'fine' means 'won't fall over or get stuck.' It'll probably be wet and of splashy and dirty. BUT, there's a bit a the start of Spring Creek Trail off Monarch (if you're doing a 25km+ distance), where there's is a natural spring in the side of the trail (on a downhill nonetheless) and you just kind of have to step in the mud to get through.

  3. Emma I.

    I think falling over at some point is quite likely, but that has nothing to do with mud and more with my general clumsiness :D Thanks for the report, much appreciated!

  4. Russell A

    Haha. Watch out for tree roots, I took a pretty good spill trying to avoid a mud patch last week.